Seidio Rugged Case Review

Hello everyone, hows it going?! Today I will be sharing my thoughts and a review on the new Seidio Rugged Case. Be prepared to be peppered with lots of pictures, and a video at the end!

Here you can see the packaging the Rugged Case comes in, and below you can compare the size of the packaging to the 9700. The packaging is great as usual, doesn’t fall apart as soon as you pick it up.

After you open the package, you have the instruction manual right there so no need to look for it… Everything comes already together, so you’ll have to take it apart. Take the holster off, take off the rubber rugged case and plastic claws, and get the Innocase 360 out. Which is all fairly easy with no device in the Innocase!

The Innocase 360 is very similar to the one I reviewed a couple months ago. Great case! Awesome protection alone with the Innocase 360. The only difference between the older Innocase 360 I used and this new one, is the keyboard cover. The old one was a black plastic with its own writing of numbers and letters on it and was more of a rubber feel to it. Along with that there was a hole cut for the trackpad. I love this new one Seidio has done.  This time around they changed it from the black rubber to a clear plastic with small grooves for each key on the keyboard. And a plus, NO HOLE for the trackpad! The keyboard is completely covered and protected. Awesome!

The cover is great! It does not interfere at all with your typing, or using the trackpad. Actually it kinda seemed like the trackpad worked better with the plastic over it… Weird I know… Even with the clear cover over the keyboard, it still feels comfortable to type on. You can tell there is something there when typing, but you will soon get used to it, and be blazing fast on the keyboard.

You also have a build in screen protector on the Innocase 360, same as previous models. The placement of it is practically perfect! When putting the face part of the case on your 9700 (should be the first step). Make sure you take a micro fiber clothe or something soft and clean the inside of the screen protector to make sure there are not particles on it that may get stuck between the 9700 screen and the plastic film on the case.

Once you have done that, its as simple as putting the back piece on and clicking the Innocase 360 together. Like i said before the Innocase 360 is a great case alone, with lots of protection as it is. The Innocase 360 has open all the ports and buttons for your need. Even has the charging contacts open so you can use the Seidio charging dock to charge your 9700. One thing I noticed, is if you don’t like the Innocase 360 (due to the keyboard cover or the screen protector built in) the Innocase Surface will work perfect for the Rugged case as well. You just will be missing some of the main protection areas like the keyboard and screen. But its an option for some people.

Now some are probably wondering, why do i need the rubber piece if the Innocase 360 has great protection as it is… Well that’s easy to answer… Depending on where you are, what you are doing, or who you are with… The reasons are many as to why would want/need it, working in a rough environment, going to the bar with friends, or something you are a walking dropper that drops anything in your hands. You may want that EXTRA protection like Rugged case that you put on after the Innocase 360. Its as simple and putting in the top section of the phone/360 into the rubber Rugged Case and pushing in the rest of the phone, along the sides and the bottom. Once the device is in the rubber Rugged case you simply put the claw on the back to make sure the rubber Rugged doesn’t move and the hard plastic claw also adds protection to the back and corners of the device.

Now as you can see with the Rugged case on, everything is protected. The buttons are covered, the ports are covered, heck even the camera lens is covered! This case protects your device to no end! I will admit though, obviously the Rugged case adds some bulk to the device, but if you don’t expect that, then you need to get checked… The Rugged case does add bulk, but its good bulk… You can feel the device is protected. Its feels like you can throw it across the room and not worry about it. Heck when I had it one i said to myself, I wonder if this can withstand me running over it with my car? … Don’t worry, I didn’t try… lol! But the great thing about the Rugged case is that once you don’t need that extra protection anymore, you can simply take it off and just rock the Innocase 360 underneath. That is awesome, not alot of other cases out there that can do that. Most of the time its either deal with all the protection or none at all. The Rugged and Innocase 360 come together to meet in the middle. And that is smart!

The Rugged Case and Innocase 360 also come with a special lock holster. The holster is meant to be used with the Rugged case on the device. So essentially its the holster you’ll be using when you have the Rugged case on. The holster is the same design and has the same features as the other Lock Holster Seidio offers, but its solely meant to be used with the Rugged case. The clip has a lock feature, which will allow you to lock the clip in the closed place so that the device can’t accidentally call out of the holster, like if you were to hit the side of a counter and the clip lifts a bit. That won’t happen with the lock feature on the clip of the holster. The holster also has a wide belt clip on the back that will allow you to use a bigger belt, like a utility belt that a construction worker or police officer may use. I tested out the belt clip on an normal size belt, and it worked fine! You don’t really notice the bigness of the clip on the back at all. It still fits snugly against your belt and your body.

I think Seidio got this case perfect! Its ingenious how you can remove the Rugged Case and just rock the Innocase 360. I love the fact that there is a middle and not a its all protection or none at all! Great Job on this case Seidio!

I really can’t say anything negative about this case. You could maybe say the bulkyness, but at the same time you can’t because with any kind of major protection case you are going to get bulk… There is not such thing as a major protecting case and not have the bulk.

You can purchase the Seidio Rugged Case and holster combo here… for $49.95 USD

Now what are you waiting for?! GO and grab this now! before you regret it….


LeBBerry theme arrives

Wow, its been a while since i have released a new theme! Well now here we go! Please welcome the LeBBerry theme! LeBBerry theme as alot to offer. Everything from a gorgeous back ground, which is user friendly, so awesome homescreen shortcuts, and a great look! You have  great looking banner at the top that will show all your essential information, battery life, signal, notifications etc. One awesome feature is if you navigate up to the banner with your trackpad/ball, you are now on a hidden shortcut. Simply clicking in will launch your manage connections and you’ll be able to turn off wifi, bluetooth, anything you want! Another awesome feature of LeBBerry theme is when your on your homescreen and press the space bar, Quicklaunch opens. And that’s not all! Press R will launch the Clock application, so you can set your alarm, and F will launch your sounds/Profiles application, just like 4.5 OS!! Aesome, I know! LeBBerry theme is available for 9700, 96xx (OS 5.0 and 4.7.1), and the 8900 (OS 5.0 and 4.6.1). Go grab it now for only $2.50!


– New Banner

– New Special Homescreen

– Home Screen shortcuts

– R = Clock, F =  Profiles, Navigating to the top banner = Manager connections, Space = QuickLaunch

– Wall Paper friendly

Click Here to Download for your Device!!


Vancouver Canucks Theme is HERE!

Get your cheer on with this Vancouver Canucks theme! Everyone knows Canucks fans are nuts and passionate! So why not show your passion on your BlackBerry Smartphone as well! The Canucks theme is available for the 9700 Bold, 8900 Curve, 9630 Tour, 9000 Bold, 83xx Series Curve, 88xx series, and 85xx Curve series. More device will become available soon! Keep yours eyes open and watch for it!

Now what do you say!? GO CANUCKS GO!!! Go download now for FREE and show your support for the Vancouver Canucks on your BlackBerry Smartphone now!

Click here to Download now to your Device for free!!!


  • Mini Icons
  • Sounds profiles in top right corner
  • New Backgrounds
  • New menus
  • Custom Canucks logos everywhere
  • Colors match perfectly with the Canucks colors

Click here to Download now to your Device for free!!!

Click here to Download now to your Device for free!!!

NexBerryOne Theme arrives!

NexBerryOne Theme is a gorgeous replica theme of the android platform and the Nexus One by Google(R) and HTC(R). As you can see from the screen shots, you are greeted with a beautiful wallpaper a la Nexus One. Next on top you got a brand new banner full of goodies! New notification icons along with new Battery meters and signal/WiFi meter. Along with the new banner, you have a great layout of 8 icons, 4 in a row with Android esk icons. All icons are perfect, and not a single pixel is out of place. Per usual you have a weather slot in the top right corner of the screen, as well a hidden today area was squeezed in for calendar entries and messages. Like i said, this theme replicates both Android and Nexus One really damn good!

Along with all that, you have a hidden shortcut in there for QuickLaunch users, simply press the space bar in the home screen and BOOM QL launches! Whats not to love about this theme! Scroll down to the bottom and click the link to download for your device now! Devices supported: 9700; 96xx OS 5.0, 4.7; 9000 OS 5.0, 4.6; 8900 OS5.0, 4.6.1

Download link:

Click Here to download now for your device!

Storm Screen Shot:

LeNessie theme is here!

LeNessie is a gorgeous theme built for girls with all input of girls! LeNessie is built for the 8900 OS 5.0, 4.6.1; 9000 OS 5.0, 4.6; 96xx OS 5.0, 4.7.1; 9700 OS 5.0. LeNessie has a standard 6 icon bottom zen icon layout, with a weather slot in the right top corner, along with a mini profile icon in the left hand corner. Along with all that you get a hidden today area in the middle of the screen for your messages and calendar entries! All new banner on the top and the bottom of the screen, with all new meters, and notifications. Of course all new icons, selector and all that jazz! As well featuring all new menus and prompts to flow with the rest of the theme! LeNessie is a great theme for the ladies and guys alike! Enjoy!

– All new icons
– New banners
– New meters
– New notification
– New menus and prompts
– Hidden today
– Built for all new devices and OSs
– Mini profile icon
– Weather slot

Download Link:

Click here to download for your device!


TiltBerry 2.0 has been released!

What can I say about TiltBerry. First off, all new iPhone style icons is grace the screen. At first they are on angle, and once highlighted they turn straight to attention! Throughout the whole theme you view the custom banners and icons! All of them look great! Once a message appears you will see a gorgeous blue star appear! I bet you will stare at your screen waiting for the TiltBerry theme’s star notifier! All menus are custom with some opacity to them. As usual TiltBerry is wall paper friendly… TiltBerry is available for 96xx Tour, 9000 Bold, 8900 Curve and the 9700 Bold. All devices have a 7 icon bottom and side dock with a “weather slot” in the top right corner. You have 2 icons on the left side of the screen, with 5 along the bottom. All versions have a “hidden today”. TiltBerry looks awesome on all devices and of course tested to make sure all bugs and issues are worked out! Download now at the links below! Enjoy!


– Brand new banner
– All new icons
– Hidden today
– Weather slot
– Great looking wallpaper, which can be changed by the user
– New battery icon and signal icon
– Keyboard shortcut for quick launch, pressing space bar will launch

Download Link: Click Here to download for your device.


Storm Screen Shots: (the screen shot quality SUCKS! The theme looks way better then the screen shots show)

Beyond Theme Released!

Welcome, welcome Beyond Theme! Beyond is not your regular kind of theme. Its very nice look looking with a cloudy and blue sky high quality wall paper. You get a transparent grayish banner to the top and to the bottom of the screen with all your needed information at no more then a glance at the screen! You are greeted numerous icons on the home screen,  you have 5 on the bottom, and then 4 on top of those 5. Along with those icons you have a weather icon in the top left corner. Hidden in the back ground as well you have your QuickLaunch keyboard shortcut by hitting space. With all that you have a hidden today section for calendar and messages. All icons are new and HD quality. This theme as been tested to make sure everything is perfect and nothing was missed! You can go grab it now for $1.99, but until February 15th its on sale for $1.50!

Click Here to download to for device!