C point 1 theme, now available!

C point 1 brings all new icons, new style and looks to your BlackBerry SmartPhone. C point 1 does not sacrifice any of the original BlackBerry 6 Operating System functions but enriches your UI. Using the new 6.1 icons, and of course a little bit of my own touch and creations. New banner, highlights, and so much more in store for this theme! Check it out now!

Available for the following devices:
– 9800 Torch
– 9700 & 9780 Bold
– 9650 Bold
– 9100 & 9105 Pearl 3G
– 9300 & 9330 Curve 3G


Click here to download now for your device!


2 responses to “C point 1 theme, now available!

  1. Hey man, I just purchased your theme last night and I’m really enjoying it! I love themes that keep everything I love about the BlackBerry OS but that have some added personalized touches to them!
    Thanks for your time and I appreciate your work on the theme!

  2. I bought this theme and I aM very happy with it. Although I notice that all your screenshots of c point 1 have a weather icon on the home screen. How do I get the weather icon? Do I need a specific program?

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